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Let’s Decide This: the King of the Battle Royale Genre! — Two titans collide, who wins? Fortnite vs. PUBG on!

Hello guys and welcome back to! We recently had an interesting discussion on how the recently-established Battle Royale genre was taking the game industry by storm, and how it has begun to dominate video game sales since becoming popular. Is it just a craze? We wondered at the time. Will it bring new, interesting projects to our favorite hobby? Well it did, didn’t it? It seems that game developers are already considering adding BR modes to their upcoming releases, and even the immensely awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 will have some kind of Battle Royale integrated into it, giving us an extremely interesting mix of open-world adventure, Western combat on horseback and the possibility to truly be that last man standing that will probably bring even more realism to an already fantastic game. But we all know who the current contenders for the BR crown are, and it ain’t Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA Online (with its Motor Wars update), and not even H1Z1: King of the Hill, The Culling or modded Arma 3 — games that are ‘true’ to the BR genre — can compete with the two biggest pretenders for the Battle Royale throne. We’re talking, obviously, about Fortnite and PUBG, a pair of titles that stand among the most incredible games we got in 2017, and quite possibly the most popular as well! So now, why don’t we take a good luck at both games and put the current great argument to rest — who is the true King of the BR genre? Brothers from a different mother, right? WRONG! Let’s start with Fortnite… Let’s begin by saying that PUBG and Fortnite only share similarities in the genre and the manner of winning rounds — the games are individually quite different Battle Royales and have an entirely different feel to them. Fortnite is more of a casual game, despite its high level of competition, but its fortification and trap-building feature is very strong. For example, you can build a flight of stairs with walls on both sides to protect yourself from gunfire, while at the same time having a higher of point of ground to shoot at your enemies from. The weapon system, meanwhile, is based on rarity, and you may have to find schematics as well as gather resources if you want to get better gear and weapons. A circle of death that surrounds the map will close in and kill players with a storm (though PUBG has a similar function), and you can break your way through destructible roofs and walls without much of an issue. The most important and defining aspects of Fortnite, however, aren’t its actual features but the way the game plays and looks. Fortnite Battle Royale is built to be played in quick rounds, pushing players to look for weapons and resources fast to survive in a smaller map than PUBG’s, and vehicles are not present. The player can easily run from one place to another, and initial deployment is much quicker than in its rival’s. Hills and high ground are more common in this game, and snipers/campers will feel more comfortable. The style of the graphics themselves are cartoony and “cute”, giving the game a family friendly look that PUBG doesn’t really have. The fact that you don’t really have to worry about ammo types and weapon mods also gives this casual feel that PUBG, for better or for worse, doesn’t allow you to enjoy at the later levels of the game. If you want to pick up a Battle Royale game and play it right away without having to cope with learning curves, Fortnite is for you. Okay, so where does all that leave PUBG? PUBG, meanwhile, is certainly the most realistic of the two titles, as well as the original BR. This title puts you into a large, lifelike warzone that you will most certainly need to make the use of vehicles to transverse, and the military simulator features will force you to look for the right ammo for your weapons (a frustrating feature that will remind you of DayZ and other Arma 3 descendents) as well as equip your firearms with mods that give you a slight advantage when fighting. To make things tougher, PUBG makes good use of bullet drop and velocity, meaning that you will have to gauge your range more regularly when fighting distant targets. There is also plenty of cover (rocks, set buildings, trees and other objects) and this can serve you to your advantage. You won’t be able to destroy much of it, however. Realism is important to the creators of this game, so the cartoonish nature of games like Fortnite is eschewed in favor of lifelike player and vehicle models. Overall, this game plays more patiently and at a much higher risk than Fortnite does, so strategy in a battle will be much more important than having the best equipment. Be smart, practice your shooting and add a bit of luck, and you could be defeating the experts without the need for unfair advantages. In short, PUBG is for those hardcore gamers that really want the feel of being in a warzone. What else is different — or similar — between the two Battle Royale games? And what is the final outcome of this war? We haven’t yet talked about a very important factor that may make or break the competition with time: Fortnite is a free game, allowing players to use real money and purchase in-game currency; this currency can be used to buy cosmetic items and make your character unique. PUBG, on the other hand, has a retail price of $30, and the in-game currency is gained by killing players or at least damaging them. Cosmetic items also exist, but real money isn’t needed to buy them. Besides this, graphically it has seemed that Fortnite has an advantage when it comes to performance. PUBG seems to lag on most computers (except for those in the high-end), and this has infuriated players with simpler rigs. However, Fortnite’s servers are more prone to crashing than the other title’s, so it’s a matter of what makes you angrier: computer or server lag. The battle between the two has been quite fierce — inside and outside the gaming world — due to the fact that Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) seem to have decided on creating Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode only after seeing how well PUBG was doing, beside the fact that Bluehole (publishers of PUBG) worked alongside the former company during the development of the Unreal Engine 4. Both games have a strong following that, despite the fact that many of them play both games, often create comparisons between both games and claim that their own favorite is the better of the two. When it comes to player counts, however, Epic recently announced that they had managed to hit an enormous 3.4 million concurrent players during the first weekend of February 2018, surpassing PUBG’s record of 3.2 million. This news created the belief that PUBG is lagging behind in the war, but in truth, PUBG’s 3.2 million number was taken exclusively from its players on Steam, so it still easily could be higher on all platforms. As for the outcome of this battle, well…it’s tough to say. You can’t really compare the two, like-for-like, because they are just too different. For now however, and to avoid turning this article into an unfortunate clickbait that didn’t give you the answer you expected, we just have to give the advantage to Fortnite. It’s easier, designed for wider audiences, less tense and stressful, and most importantly, it’s free — you’ll either love it or hate it, but you’ll never regret buying it. In a final jab at PUBG, we must add that Fortnite can be played smoothly on any platform, and that reaaaally helps. Give both of them a try anyway, and let us know: which one of them did YOU enjoy the most? Comment below with your opinion!

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